❖Introduction to this Course
❖Explanation about sitting an Exam
❖Registration Requirements
❖Study and Training Advice for this course
                                               STUDY MODULES:
1. Business Management & Administration (Starting a Business)
2. Business Economics & Commerce (Price, Demand and Pricing)
3. Commercial practice and Law (Law, Legal Systems, Contract Law)
4. Management and Administration (The functions of Management)
5. Human Resource Management (Recruitment & Selection)
6. Leadership and Team Management (Workgroups & Team Building)
7. Health and Safety in the Workplace (The Environment, Accident Prevention)
8. Sales Management & Marketing (Markets, Marketing, Research, Competition)
9. Logistics, Materials & Supply Management (Logistics Strategy, Customer Service)
10.Accounting & Finance (Interpreting Financial Accounts, Breakeven Analysis, Audit)

➢ The content of this course is provided tuition-free, with the complements of
Mahatma Gandhi University.
➢ Applicants are only expected to pay a one-time registration fee of 50US
Dollars and 50 US Dollars for examinations.
➢ The content of this course on Management & Business is provided in softcopy
only, as a printable pdf document, video lectures, revision questions and
online facilitation.
➢ This course contains 10 modules. Each module has been specially selected
from one of MGU’s popular International Diploma programs.
➢ This course will provide valuable knowledge and understanding across a wide
range of management and business specializations.
➢ This course is intended to encourage you to continue studies with MGU and
gain one or more of MGU’s professional Diplomas or Academic degrees in
the subject(s) which you are most interested in.
➢ Any of your friends, family, colleagues or others may register and study the
content of this tuition-free course and gain the international certificate on
➢ The course duration for this program is 3 months.


If you wish to gain the International Certificate in Management & Business, you
will need to pass an examination which will be set on the content of the 10 modules.
The examination will consist of: (i) a short question and (ii) some multiple choice questions, for each of the 10 modules.
➢ Copy of High School Certificate
➢ Copy of Identity
➢ Duly filled the application form
➢ A one-time registration fee of 50US Dollars


The modules in this course should be studied, Module by Module, exactly as
explained in the following steps.
Each module has been designed and written by specialists who have wide
experience of teaching people in countries all over the world to become managers, executives, administrators, supervisors, sales and accounting personnel, successful business people and professionals in many other fields.
By studying in the way that MGU experts recommend, you should be able to learn easily and enjoyable, and master the content in a relatively shorter period of time and be able to sit the examinations with confidence.

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