1.       Digital Marketing

Program Overview

This is a foundation program that will introduce and help you master the skills of digital marketing. The program will help you acquire skills to begin or advance your marketing career in the current marketing landscape, or help you learn how to grow your business online. The program touches on various aspects of marketing and its created by industry experts packed full of practical exercises and real-world examples to help you turn knowledge into action. The program allows you to explore areas in:

1.  Content Marketing

 2. Applied Marketing

 3. Social Media Marketing

 4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

5. Paid Search (PPC) with Google Ads

6.  Display & Video Advertising

7.  Planning Campaigns

8.  Email Marketing

9.  Customer Insights

10. Website Optimization

11.  Analytics with Google Analytics

12.  Digital Marketing Strategy

2.       International Business Management

Program Overview

This is an International Foundation Program that has been structured to provide one with practical skills, knowledge and commercial awareness with an emphasis on business skills across a wide range of specializations.

–          Business

–          Management

–          Economics

–          Human Resource Management

–          Leadership

–          Sales & Marketing

–          Logistics & Supply Management 

–          Accounting & Finance.

The knowledge gained will increase your ability, understanding, and competence, and give you an opportunity to gain good entry-level position at work and appropriate employment. Studying this course gives you the incentive and confidence to proceed to higher-level studies in Business Administration and Management in any of our partner universities in Europe. You will also be equipped with key skills in business communication, providing a valuable advantage in today’s competitive, local and international jobs market. 

Program Details–         

 Course Cost: Successful applicants get a discounted fee of N59,250.00 (150 US Dollars) as opposed to the regular fee of  N98,750.00 (250 US Dollars).  

–          Mode of Study: 

Online and Distance Learning with video facilitation, inscriptions, tutorials, presentations, and assessment. We also have periodic events wHere training is conducted in-person.    

     Course Duration/Timing:  2 – 3 Months. However, the study options are flexible to help you achieve work-life balance.-          

Certification: An International Certificate upon completion awarded by The Open University, UK in partnership with Google Inc for the Digital Marketing program and one from Cambridge College, the UK for the International Business Management Program with a certificate from Whitestone Skills and ESPSL as the training center. 


Ehimiaghe School of Professional Studies Limited

24 Aiku Adebisi Street, off Gasline Bus Stop, Ijoko, Ogun State or, or call 07025280047, 08056220201 for admission forms.