Good news to all our friends, students and prospects. City university of the kingdom of Cambodia has partnered with our school to offer various courses from certificate to Ph.D. degree in over seventy courses to Nigerians. The CU is UNESCO accredited. Excerpts below:


“City University, Cambodia & Benin ( with Campuses in London, United Kingdom, and New York, United States of America in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi University, India appoints Ehimiaghe School of Professional Studies Limited, Nigeria as the approved academic center for Nigeria to promote, recruit and execute academic programs offered by City University Cambodia. The degree and credit will be evaluated through City University Cambodia. Ehimiaghe School of Professional Studies Limited, Nigeria is also authorized to appoint and manage the affiliated study centers under his group on behalf of the university in Nigeria”.

This has come as a result of our determination and resolve to partner with local and international institutions for the advantage of excellence in academic, professional and vocational education for all who aspire to elevate themselves in knowledge and quality of life. Carefully peruse the courses and choose your desired program and get on with it straight away. There are no school closures and lecturers strikes here. You can plan your studies and utilize your time optimally.