Bachelor in Civil Aviation Management

Bachelor in Commerce

Bachelor of Arts in Advertising & Journalism

Bachelor in Economics

Bachelor of Arts in English

Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Management

Bachelor of International Relations

Bachelor of Mass Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration with specializations in Marketing Management, Accounting,
Financial Management, Project Management, Operations Management, Product Management & Human
Resource Management

Bachelor in Political Science

Bachelor in Sociology

Bachelor in Social Works

Bachelor of Education

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering

Bachelor in Civil & Structural Engineering

Bachelor in Electromechanical Engineering

Bachelor in Chemical Engineering

Bachelor in Software Engineering

Bachelor of Elementary Education

Postgraduate Diploma in Education

Postgraduate Diploma in Hospital Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Master in Computer Application

Master in Information Technology

Master in Environmental Management

Master in Library Science

Master in Civil Aviation Management

Master in Commerce

Master of Arts in Advertising & Journalism

Master of Economics

Masters in Criminology

Master in Public Health

Master of Arts in English

Master of Arts in International Relations

Master of Arts in Mass Communication

Master of Arts in Public Administration

Master in Hospital Management

Master of Business Administration with specializations in: Marketing Management, Financial
Management, Project Management, Operations Management & Human Resource Management

Master of Education (Creativity & Education, Curriculum Studies, Guidance & Counseling, Teacher

Masters in Political Science

Masters in Sociology

Masters in Social Works

PhD in Public Health

PhD in Business Economics

PhD in Economic Development

PhD in Accounting

PhD in Economic Analysis & Policy

PhD in Marketing

PhD in Operations, Information & Technology

PhD in Organization Behavior

PhD in Political Economics

PhD in Political Science

PhD in Architecture and Innovation Design

PhD in Engineering

PhD in Development Studies

PhD in Hospitality and Tourism Management

PhD in Pharmacology

PhD in Agriculture

PhD in Criminology

PhD in Nurse Science

PhD in Global Finance

PhD in Finance

PhD in Education

PhD in Business Strategy

PhD in HRM

PhD in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

PhD in Change Management

PhD in Healthcare Management

PhD in Environmental Management

PhD in Computer Application

Research in Self Designed SpecializatOthers.