through Online and Open & Distance Learning Mode (ODL)

  1. Certificate in Investment Foundation
  2. Certificate in Accounting & Finance
  3. Certificate in Management & Business
  4. Certificate in Information Technology
  5. Certificate in Human Resource Management
  6. Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  7. Diploma in Business Administration
  8. Diploma in Computer Application
  9. Diploma in Information Technology
  10. Advanced Diploma in Business Administration
  11. Advanced Diploma in Information Technology
  12. Bachelor in Computer Application
  13. Bachelor in Information Technology
  14. Bachelor in Civil Aviation Management
  15. Bachelor in Commerce
  16. Bachelor of Arts in Advertising & Journalism
  17. Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  18. Bachelor of Arts in English
  19. Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
  20. Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication
  21. Bachelor of Law
  22. Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration & Diplomacy
  23. Bachelor of Business Administration
  24. Bachelor of Education
  25. Bachelor of Science in Medical Lab Technology
  26. Postgraduate Diploma in Education
  27. Postgraduate Diploma in Management with specializations in Marketing Management, Financial Management, Project Management, Operations Management, Product Management & Human Resource Management
  28. Master in Computer Application
  29. Master in Information Technology
  30. Master in Civil Aviation Management
  31. Master in Commerce
  32. Master of Arts in Advertising & Journalism
  33. Master in Economics
  34. Master of Arts in International Relations
  35. Master of Arts in Mass Communication
  36. Master of Arts in Public Administration
  37. Master of Business Administration with specializations in: Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Accounting, Operations Management & Human Resource Management
  38. Master of Education in Education
  39. Masters in English
  40. Masters of Social Works