A great combination

  1. The quality of ‘learning essentials’ is second to none in the industry. Students will receive textbooks, power point lecture presentations on CD, CDs for Video lectures on each subject, a course Coordinator, technology-enhanced learning and international classmates from the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. These essentials are supplied free but students have to pay $20.00 for delivery.
  2. The school fees are originally low compared with what obtains in other universities that cannot boast of similar learning essentials. This fee is further discounted for ESPS students in Nigeria by almost 50%. An MBA semester fee is $550.00 but $350.00 through ESPS. This is to enable many candidates to have access to quality education in Nigeria. It is actually a Nigeria scholarship project. Visit the website of MAHATMA GANDI UNIVERSITY to verify our claim.
  3. Learning is flexible. You can learn at your pace but within the time range. Plan your day, study anywhere and everywhere.
  4. World-class curriculum and qualifications designed for successful careers. Candidates would work on projects, team assignments and self-testing for personal appraisal and corrections.
  5. SKYPE IMO meetings with lecturers, course coordinators, and classmates make the world even smaller. Effective Communication is an essential necessary ingredient for online studies. Customized laptops are available for students at an affordable cost.
  6. On completion of programs, graduates can compete for jobs globally. United Nations and its agencies, Multinational, academia or even as entrepreneurs. You are well equipped to take the world by storm.
  7. ESPS will assist all students with registration and coordination of studies so that candidates would get the best mentoring working with us. Nigerians applying directly to MGU would be referred to ESPS or pay they would have to pay international fees.
  8. ESPS and MGU are truly passionate about access to quality education. They are your friends indeed. Get in touch today at 07025280047, 09095321844 and