The online program of the MGU/ESPSL partnership is highly subsidized. Whereas direct students pay $550.00 per semester, our students pay less than $300.00. This assists Nigerian Students on our platform to access education without tears. The training program comes with excellent learning essentials: PowerPoint presentations, lecture notes, videos, and textbooks. Students also have a personal course coordinator, classmates from other continents, joint or team assignments, and so on. Here are the Tuition Fees for MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY (MGU) PROGRAMS: Registration Fees: $100.00.

International Certificate program: $200.00 (One Semester)

International Diploma Program: $200.00 per Semester (2 Semesters)

Advanced Diploma program: $250.00 per Semester (2 Semesters)

Bachelors program: $280.00 per Semester (6 Semesters)

Post Graduate Diploma program: $325.00 per semester (2 Semesters)

Masters Degree Program: $400.00 per Semester (3 to 4 Semesters) .

Once the registration and the tuition fees are paid, study materials are released and the program commences. Contact us today at espsltd@gmail.com, info@espsl.com.ng. Telephone 08022624247, 07025280047, WhatsApp no 07025280047.