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Fast track Degree Program

Whitestone Skills is a skill development institute based in Nairobi, Kenya that aims to develop future knowledge workers through market-driven training and providing educational services and solutions to students in Africa and beyond. Besides providing job-oriented skill development programs from our partners, we also provide international student recruitment services by linking talented individuals to reputable international world-class universities. The core of our business is to introduce African students to quality global education.

In our pursuit to bring in global standards of learning solutions, Whitestone Skills has affiliated with fully accredited, reputable world-class universities in Europe, Canada, and Asia to execute programs from
these institutions. This gives one a chance to obtain relevant skills in the current job market and gain global credentials without leaving their home country, which is a great opportunity for students and the working class. We are confident that by providing industry-relevant skills and improving access to global qualifications, we give our learners a distinct advantage when entering the local and international job market and in advancing their careers.
There are a number of students around the world who are unable to complete their degree programs (First Degree, Masters or Doctorate) due to various reasons. Others want to change careers, gain new skills or accelerate their professional advancement in terms of promotions, switching to new
roles or advance their studies.
At Whitestone Skills, we offer you solutions to your study needs and help you obtain quality global education from accredited and recognized universities with specific regards to individual student needs,
background and academic and career aspirations.
We invite all those who share our vision, goals, and purpose to join hand in our efforts to build a new cadre of professionals, who will participate actively in the growth of this era of economic, liberalization and globalization.
➢ We give you a chance to upskill and learn job oriented and market-relevant skill-based modules.
(Short courses)
➢ We give you a way to succeed in life through the Regular and Fast Track Correspondence course from our affiliate world-class universities. (Bachelor, Masters, and Ph.D.)
➢ We guide top talent students on financial aid, making world-class higher education affordable to students from even the most disadvantaged backgrounds.
There are three ways to fast track or accelerate your studies:
• Credit Transfer
• Lateral Entry
• Breaking Study
Credit Transfer
If you have completed the 1st and 2nd year of study from any recognized university and dropped out of the course for whatever reasons and are unable to graduate from the same university or you want to transfer your studies to a different university. In such a case, you can transfer your credits and directly take admission in 3rd year in one of our partners’ universities and can complete your course in one year.
There are two types of credit transfer one is academic credit and another is skill-based credit transfer which depends on skill and experience in your respective Industry.

Lateral Entry
You are eligible for a lateral entry in case you have completed a diploma program and want to take admission in a degree program in the same field. In this case, your diploma units will be considered and you will be directly enrolled in the 2nd or 3rd year depending on the education framework of your country in order to obtain a degree in one year. The terms and conditions vary from university to university.
Breaking Study
When you discontinue studies after completing the 1st year, 2nd year or 3rd year but you did not graduate. You can get yourself enrolled in the final year directly. You will have to write examinations for all three years in one go and fulfill the financial obligations to complete and graduate in one year.
Get yourself enrolled through us today if you had discontinued your studies due to any reasons and create a path for your career by getting a degree in one year.
Completion of your academic program offers one an edge in the competitive job market, there is always
a way to earn more and increase your career prospects once you are a graduate.

Skill-based modules (Short courses)
• Digital Marketing Skills by Google, USA – 200 USD
• International Business and Management by Cambridge International College, UK 200 USD
• Finance and Investment by Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), USA – 200 USD
• Marketing Analytics by University of California, USA – 200 USD
• Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), UK – 200 USD
• Software Development, Code Academy, USA – 200 USD

Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs
• Bachelor Degree – 1250 USD
• Master Degree – 1500 USD
• PhD / Research – 3500 USD
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